7 Reasons You should be playing Ukulele

Need some motivation? Let’s learn how playing the ukulele might enhance your life quality today

1. You can learn to play a song in less than 10 minutes.

Many people feel intimidated the first time they pick up an instrument. With ukulele, the learning curve is not as steep.

Ukulele is among the easiest instruments to play. You can learn to play your first song in no time, with minimal efforts.

A ukulele only has four strings. On these four, you can easily locate 3 – 4 chords. They are enough to form a melody, that you can use to accompany your singing.

2. You can sing most songs with the ukulele

You can sing most songs with the ukulele

Most popular music songs can be adapted to play on the ukulele.

What’s more, the more challenging chords that are difficult to play on other instruments are simpler on this instrument. There is also a massive amount of ukulele tutorial on the net – from which you can learn for free.

If you are looking for an instrument to work with your singing, then playing the ukulele is a good choice.

3. A ukulele is affordable

There are all kinds of quality and price ranges in the musical instrument world. With that said, even the best ukulele is still relatively more affordable than other instruments.

A ukulele is affordable

The piano requires a hefty amount, while a good guitar will cost you more than $400. In the meantime, a great ukulele runs you about $70 – $300.

And you can get a decent one from a reputable maker at $50!

The reason why the ukulele is not costly is the size. Ukuleles are small, they don’t require a lot of workload or materials.

4. You can take it anywhere

There’s no hassle with carrying a ukulele around. At 1/8 of the size of a guitar, it won’t take you much space, and you can carry it easily on your back with a strap.

The instrument is also lightweight, and it’s no bigger than a backpack. A road trip, traveling by air, roaming on the water or just going downtown – a uke can go with you, whenever you go.

5. A ukulele is an ace for social gatherings

Nobody ever put it on the table, but knowing how to play an instrument does make you more popular.

For the extroverts, it adds to the fun and gets you to more gatherings. For the introverts, it makes you look cool and acts as a layer of security blanket. Don’t know what to say? Just whip out some chords.

Ukulele is a fun instrument: it is very welcomed at a bonfire, on a beach trip, or virtually any casual events. While carrying a guitar can announce that you are trying too hard, a ukulele is guileless and straightforward.

6. Ukuleles bring fun to everyone

There are small and big ukuleles with a slight differences in tones. However, all ukuleles have an upbeat, sweet sound that just brings the ambiance into the atmosphere.

Ukuleles bring the fun to everyone

People feel light-hearted and chill out listening to the strums of the four strings. It’s not only you who will feel rewarded.

7. You don’t have to do much to master the ukulele

If you start to learn the uke in the first days of the summer, then by the end of summer, you might just have learned all the chords for all the songs that you want to learn. It also takes less time and efforts to go professional on this one than on other instruments.

And playing the uke also makes a good foundation to switch onto the guitar or even keyboards if that’s your thing!

In short

All of us have a musical dream, but many of us are shy. If that’s your case, then ukulele can help. I hope these reasons are enough for you to pick up the wonderful uke and start your break out.

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