Top-rated 3 Best 18650 Battery Intelligent Chargers

For a good 18650, it’s necessary to give it the best 18650 battery charger rather than a normal version. Even though they are more expensive, they turn out to be a good investment in the long run.

For a regular charger, your battery’s life is comparable, and it takes a lot more money to replace. Smart chargers tend to make your power delivery much more reliable.

Today, I’ll narrow down some of the best 18650 lithium battery chargers for you to choose.

1. Nitecore D4 – Best 4-bay 18650 Battery Charger

Nitecore is among the manufacturers of top-rated 18650 battery chargers, and some good battery models are also made by them. The Nitecore D4 has four independent charging bays, which allows you to charge multiple batteries at once.

Upon inserting your battery, the charger automatically tells your battery type. It then turns to the most appropriate charging settings for each cell you installed. Apart from 18650s, it also supports multiple other types of battery, like 26650, 22650, IMR, LiFePO4, and so on.

On the Nitecore D4, you are given one LCD screen, which shows the charging status of every battery you have on it, and whether it finished charging.

It also has all the expected safety features, like overheating protection, over-charge protection, and reverse polarity protection, making the Nitecore D4 one of the best 18650 lithium battery chargers.

This model costs $29.99.


2. Nitecore New i4 – Good 18650 Battery Charger for Lithium-ion and Ni-MH Batteries

It’s another excellent product from Nitecore, and despite just being released in 2017, this model is one of the best 4-bay 18650 battery chargers. It has an outstanding balance in affordability and performance, and though it doesn’t feature an LCD screen, users’ reviews make it the top-rated 18650 battery charger for a tight budget.

This charging unit has 4 individual charging bays and is compatible with every lithium battery you may have, including your 18650. Like the previous model, it selects the right charging method for each type of battery. The charging speed can vary based on how many slots you use. You can know if the battery has finished charging by looking at three LED indicators in every slot.

Like any other intelligent chargers, it features overcharge, reverse polarity, and short circuit protection. What is more, after 20 hours of charging, it automatically powers off to prevent excessive power input. Nitecore really cares about safety features, and I must say that the Nitecore New i4 deserves a place in the collection of best 18650 battery chargers.

You can purchase this very best 4-bay 18650 battery charger for just $19.99.

3. XTAR VC4 – Top-rated 18650 Battery Charger for Lithium-ion and Ni-MH Batteries

The XTAR VC4 looks stunning out of the box. It has a slim design and seems to be well-constructed. In terms of visual design, it’s one of the best 18650 battery chargers, but the quality comes along, too.

The LCD screen of this model is in blue, which is beautiful and contrasts well with its white font. It’s easy to operate and bright as well. On the screen, you can see the mAh meter and voltmeter on the left and right, respectively. In the middle, a meter is present to tell you the rate of charge.

There are four battery slots on the XTAR VC4, and they’re labeled as channel slots. Above every case, there’s a light that tells if it’s being used. You can see how each battery does by a scroll in the channel labels. It’s highly compatible with any type of battery you have.

It’s relatively more expensive than other intelligent chargers in this list at $33.95. However, it’s the best 18650 lithium battery charger you can find, to be honest.

To sum up

In this market today, it’s not hard to find an intelligent battery charger, but the info source can be confusing. So, I hope this list of the best 18650 battery chargers can help you find the best model that suits your needs and budget.