Coleman Quad LED Lantern Review VS. Coleman Quad Pro LED Lantern 800 Lumens Review

Coleman Quad LED Lantern Review vs Coleman Quad Pro Lantern 800 Lumens with magnetic panels

Coleman has been a big name in Lantern or camping gear. The manufacturer has come up with various models featured with different functions.

Two of the popular models are Coleman Quad LED Lantern vs. Coleman Quad Pro Lantern 800 Lumens with magnetic panels.

In this article, I will review two products to give you a brighter look:

1/ Coleman Quad LED Lantern Review

Coleman Quad LED Lantern Special Edition Ultra Bright 190 Lumens.

This lantern is considered as one of the top 10 best cheap LED lanterns in 2019 from numerous websites.

coleman quad led lantern review

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I will help you to take a quick look at this popular Lantern. Being called as a 4-in-1 lantern, for it consists of four individual panels on a round base. They are removable. So if you don’t need a whole big lantern to light, you can detach one panel to use easily as a personal flashlight.

Each panel including 6 LEDs emits 47.5 lumens and can shine for 1.5 hours.

Together, panel quartet provides 190 ultra-bright lumens and can run continuously in 75 hours.

These LEDs will last a lifetime, thus no need to replace. Also, they are cool-running by using diffused lenses to reduce glare so safe-touching, especially safe to your kids.

Coleman Quad Led Lantern runs on 8 D-cell batteries, but it can work with Polaroid D Batteries as well. Users will recharge the lights on the base.

One good point is that it has handles on its top and every single panel. It’s so convenient and easy to carry around whether a whole lantern or a panel. The same goes for the on/off switch.

You can be ensured that the rain or splashing will not break the lantern because they’re made water-resistant. Also, Lantern’s quality is guaranteed by the five years warranty.

However, this lantern is quite bulky; hence it’s not suitable for those who have a little space.

2/ Coleman Quad Pro LED Lantern 800 Lumens Review

Coleman quad pro lantern 800 lumens with magnetic panels is one of the brightest options for campground use.

It’s like the Coleman Quad LED Lantern with four individual and removable panels on one base. It allows you to bring lights wherever you want freely, just need to pop one of them. Especially, when you take out the panels, the base still lights to help you find the way back.

coleman led quad pro lantern with magnetic panels review

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Coleman Quad Pro Led Lantern offers users three lighting choices, which are low, high, and flashlight. The native flashlight designed into the ends provides directional light when needed. The Lantern will supply enough amount of light you need, not too little or too much.

The Lantern’s name itself says that it can provide up to 800 lumens as a whole shining on high for 20 hours.

If it uses only 100 lumens, the lighting time can increase to 400 hours. With the Coleman Quad Pro Led Lantern, you and your family don’t need to worry if the Lantern stops lighting at some moment.

Even the flashlight function is able to run up to 100 hours, proved by using along dark trails and while digging through duffel bags. As the Coleman Quad 190 lumens, LEDs in the Lantern will last lifetime, so no need any replacement.

Coleman Quad Pro 800 lumens is powered by 4-D or 8-D batteries (not included), but panels are powered by 3 AAA NIMH batteries (included). These types of cell conserve battery usage and optimize performance. After you attach the panels back to the base, they’ll be recharged automatically.

The outstanding feature of Coleman Quad Pro 800 lumens is the two small magnets in the panels that help to attach to toolboxes, car hoods, steel-framed shelters, and more. One more way to make the panel become the free-hand light is folding down the handle of each panel as a stand.

Plus, its USB charging port can be your mobile device’s charger, in case you don’t have a power source around when your phone out of battery. It offers a rubber-capped USB 5V 1amp utility charging port.

Obviously, Coleman led quad pro lantern with magnetic panels resists to water with an IPX4 rating that protects the Lantern from downpours and driving snow.

3/ Coleman Quad LED Lantern Review VS. Coleman Quad Pro LED Lantern 800 Lumens Review

So, comparing these two models of Lantern both from Coleman producer, they have some similarities.

Both of them have 4 individual panels which are easy to detach, attach, or carry around with handles. Both can be powered by 8-D batteries, but each one has additional power sources.

Coleman uses long-lasting LEDs for both of them. They’re all water-resistant, not water-proof. Don’t misunderstand between two terms.

Many users accept that Coleman 800 is really a significant improvement over the previous generation with more lumens, more runtime, more lighting options.

They also found very useful with the flashlight mode and the USB port. They told that while the battery requirements were significant, the service provided was worth it. People love the magnetic feature, which gives more positioning choices.

On the other hand, a few buyer complaints about the loosen panel that can fall easily. If it’s lost, Coleman doesn’t have a replacement available.

With Coleman 190, though it doesn’t provide as many lumens as Coleman 800 does, it still draws attention from a lot of people.

People said they love it, it worth every penny despite the not-compact shape. It seems to have everything people need in a lantern.

In Conclusion

Coleman Quad LED Lantern Review VS. Coleman Quad Pro LED Lantern 800 Lumens Review have their features, pros, and cons as any products on the market.

I think there’s not the better Lantern, but the more suitable Lantern depending on your needs. I hope this article informative and helpful to you.

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