11 Best Free Games Without Wifi or Internet Connection For Smartphones

The “Angry Birds” (AB) series – Rovio Entertainment

Out there, there are thousands of mobile games for you. But you want some which you can play at all time, in all places, without any needs to connect to the internet?

Below are free games without wifi or internet that I think will fit you.

(Actually, some of these games will provide you the best experience with an internet connection. But even without it, you can still have a good time. J )

1. The “Angry Birds” (AB) series – Rovio Entertainment

The classic, #1 well-known mobile games of no internet games free, and you all know the rule: destroy all of the pigs (and their buildings if possible).

The “Angry Birds” (AB) series – Rovio Entertainment

Each game of the series is set at a different scene, with some very interesting, like AB Space or AB Star Wars. And there are also AB but no-shooting games, for example, AB Dream Blast, AB Pop or AB Match.

As an AB fan and a one who has tried 6 games of the series, I would say that every game is cool. You should try out AB 2 and AB Dream Blast. AB 2 is an awesome one (I like this the most); while AB Dream Blast is a game with a cute interface but challenging levels.

2. Farmville 2: Country Escape – Zynga

Hay Day may be a nice game, but sadly, it requires an internet connection. Choose Farmville 2: Country Escape – Zynga game instead because of free games without wifi or internet.

Farmville 2: Country Escape – Zynga

Besides farming and harvesting, you can take part in extra tasks and a lot of events all year rounds, one after another, and most of them can be done offline. You will get a lot of prizes, especially keys (to buy special items) and extra farmhands (farm workers).

In the latest version, you can now have the ability to expand to the water plots to cultivate more crops.

I have been with this game since 2017 and it really fits me. The design and characters are good. Events are a bit scary sometimes, and there are also bugs, but generally, it’s fun and pleasing.

3. Doodle Jump – Lima Sky

An addictive game with simple graphics and game controls. All you have to do is jump as high as you can and knockdown (or avoid) the monsters and UFOs.

Doodle Jump – Lima Sky

Tilt the phone to reach the position you want and tap the screen to shoot, that’s all. You can also jump on a monster/UFO head to eliminate it.

The fun thing is that this game has many themes to choose from. Some themes include in-game currency for you to buy boosts or customize your character. You can also download the separate version of the Christmas or Easter theme to fully enjoy it.

The game has no limits so you can play it almost forever. Try to get the highest scores and unlock all achievements! Free games without wifi.

4. Microtrip – Triple Trip Studio

“Microtrip is a physics arcade game set inside the body of a strange creature.” – said the studio. Your goal is to go as deep as you can while keeping yourself alive by eating the white cells as well as dodging the black, spiky monsters.

Hence, it also has no limits like Doodle Jump.

Microtrip – Triple Trip Studio

To help you, the game also supplies power-ups which can make you bigger, smaller or untouchable in a certain amount of time. It also has 2 control schemes: tilt and touch to provide you the best experience.

This game is no wifi games free, an entertaining one and it receives a lot of positive feedback from players. It’s just a bit tricky to control when you bump into a cell or a wall.

5. Pou – Paul Salameh/Zakeh

When talking about virtual pet games, many will think of the “Talking Tom and Friends” series, but I have long been playing this one.

Pou – Paul Salameh/Zakeh

The game is about raising a dumpling-shaped alien called Pou. It’s a bit the same with Talking Tom because you can feed it, let it sleep, play with it and customize it as you like. You can also play with friends or go visit them (require internet).

However, the display is simpler, meaning it would take less of your phone’s storage/memory.

There is just a small bug when you use your phone’s micro to talk with Pou: it doesn’t talk back (while in Talking Tom, Tom does repeat the words). But overall, it doesn’t affect your experience with the game.

6. The “Cut the Rope” (CTR) series – ZeptoLab

Another popular series from the good old times, where you have to figure out how to deliver the candy to a green creature called Om Nom and collect the stars.

The “Cut the Rope” (CTR) series – ZeptoLab

This is a fun and intriguing puzzle game. There are also times that you will have to replay the levels again and again to get the best result, but the cuteness of the theme and Om Nom will sure make your tiredness go away.

The series has 6 free games without wifi or internet for smartphones, but I can only recommend the three I have played: CTR, CTR: Experiments and My Om Nom. You already know the first two. The last is a game in which you can interact more with Om Nom by raising it as a pet.

7. Minecraft – Mojang

I bet you heard this name a lot and yes, it’s truly a legend. You are in an open world in which you can do whatever you like: build castles, go exploring or fighting, etc. You also have the rights to expand and customize the game in the way you want.

Minecraft – Mojang

The game has 2 modes: creative (with unlimited resources) and survival (where you have to craft weapons and defend yourself from dangerous crowds). You can play the game with friends as well, via the game’s server (paid) or free multiplayer servers.

This is no free game but playing without wifi or internet. It has a download fee of $7.26 and it’s a bit heavy for phone’s with not-so-good configuration. But if you are really an explorer, give it a shot.

8. Jelly Splash – Wooga

Jelly Splash – Wooga is free games without wifi or internet.

In this game, you have to connect 3 or more jelly in a row to get the points and to complete the missions on each level. The levels are divided into several episodes, each with a specific kind of challenge.

Jelly Splash – Wooga

The good thing is that you have unlimited time to complete the levels, but the bad thing is that you only have 5 lives. You know this rule so well.

There are also boosts and unlimited life bonus to help you beat the game, but there will be times when you have to get crazy because you have replayed the same level for about 10 times before actually passing it. It’s sometimes ridiculously hard, but if you like a puzzling board game, this is the one.

9. Fruit Ninja Classic– Halfbrick Studios

This is no internet games free, and a great one to fight your stress because its target is to slash as many fruits as you can in a limited time.

Fruit Ninja Classic– Halfbrick Studios

The game has neat and interactive graphics, with different modes of playing. An interesting feature of it is that you can change your blade into fancier ones by purchasing them with in-game currency.

I had played Fruit Ninja for about a years before it was updated to a new version. I don’t really like that version, so I stop playing the game.

It’s not until some minutes ago have, I found that the classic game is still there with a download fee. But the fee is just $0.74, so go and try the classic.

10. Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ) – Electronic Arts

Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ) – Electronic Arts is no internet games free. The back-then #1 game on PCs is also available on smartphones. It also has a PvZ 2 version.

Plants vs. Zombies (PvZ) – Electronic Arts

Basically, the gameplay is still like that on PCs, but the mini-games and survival packs are limited, making it a little bit disappointing for the PC game’s fans.

This game may be a bit tricky at first, but when you are used to it, it’s quite easy to level up. I have played the original game on PC long ago and beat the last level, so it took me only 2 days to complete all the levels on my phone. J

But still, this game is worth a try (it can be played over and over), and you can check out PvZ 2 for more challenges.

11. Piano Tiles 2 – Cheetah Games

Started from a game called “Don’t Tap the White Tiles”, the “Best game of 2015 on Google Play” is still hot, although not as hot as it was.

Piano Tiles 2 – Cheetah Games

This is free games without wifi or internet. It is relaxing as you can both playing and listening to a variety of songs, from classical, folk to even hottest modern hits. But it’s also scary when there are songs with crazily fast-moving tiles and you have to tap with the corresponding speed. (Some even said that you can practice texting swiftly by playing the game.)

I haven’t ever played this one (because it looks so intimidating when people continuously tapping their phones), but I think this is a great one for people who wants to improve their motor skills (without having to take heavy exercises and so).


 Most of these games are free games without wifi or internet, but they include some in-app purchases, so I recommend you consider the terms and conditions before any payments. Please reach the developers if you have any troubles.

There are many more interactive and entertaining offline games on Google Play and Apple Apps Store, 11 no wifi games free here are just the ones I feel that will suit you best.

Actually, I have just tried 9 out of 11 up to now, but I hope that my experience can help you choose your favourite.

Now go take a look at them and have fun!

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