Is the Ukulele or Guitar Easier?

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This post is going to be about what instrument is easier to play, a guitar or a ukulele.

Here are my opinions from years of training and playing. However, in the end, my opinions don’t really matter. What matters, is your preferences.

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What is easier, guitar or ukulele?

Let me put this forward, as with any other instruments, you have to spend a lot of time and dedication to get into proficiency point.

However, with a ukulele, you can make proper music on the first day of playing, or two.

Among the two, the ukulele requires a shorter time to make music. And you don’t have to put a lot of effort initially.

Is the ukulele or guitar easier?

In comparison with a guitar, the ukulele is easier to play for beginners, because:

Its strings are made of nylon, as opposed to the steel ones of a guitar. They won’t hurt you as bad as guitar strings do, and you can form the chords with less pressure.

– On the ukulele, there are four strings. That is two strings less than on the guitar. Which means you don’t have to do so much math.

– The basic chords of ukulele are so easy they are out of this world. You will only need to put one or two fingers into the spots.

If you want to go from “instrument-deaf” to “making recognizable music”, or you want to play some music tricks as soon as possible, then your solid choice is the ukulele.

Ukulele is of lower barrier

I’ve seen a lot of people tried to teach themselves guitar. However, the problems arise so soon in the process that they dim the light of these aspiring people.

If you don’t have someone to guide your hands-on, you are going to have trouble figuring out how to make the strings ring, how to put your fingers in the right position. How much pressure should you give to each string? Where should your fingertips be?

That’s not all. Once you’ve mastered the first four chords, then the trickier ones, like the F and the Bm – which requires barring – will hurt your head (and your fingers) all over again.

With the ukulele, it’s another story. There’s virtually no barrier, and no matter how you play, you are bound to make some melodies from it.

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There’s not much to do: you remember where one finger goes, you place it there, and you strum the chord. It wouldn’t take much effort to play the basic routines. In no time, you could use the ukulele to accompany your singing.

What about the guitar?

Seasoned users sometimes recommend that you pick the guitar first. That bears some truth, because the guitar trains your fingers well. Another reason is that once you know how to play the guitar how to play the guitar, the ukulele is easy game.

What is easier, guitar or ukulele?

However, keep in mind that while choosing a guitar first can save you time and effort down the road (if you want to play both instruments), it’s not easy – from a beginner perspective.

If you are a hard believer for “no pain – no gain”, then go for it. However, if making pleasant music in a shorter period of time is your goal, then choose a ukulele would be smarter.

That’s all

From this post, I hope that you got the answers to your question. There’s no doubt that you will have a better chance mastering the ukulele, especially with the help of the ukulele brands above. Strum on, playa!