Lanikai LU-21c Concert Ukulele Review – Best Uke for Beginners

The BEST Ukulele for Beginners

Leave a ukulele in a room full of people and almost anyone will be able to pick it up and play something that resembles a song, but EVERYONE will want one of their own before the party is over!

The ukulele is a carefree (and extremely affordable) way for anyone to express themselves in song. The pocket size instrument only has 4 strings and is easy to learn, so strumming and singing along to covers of your favorite bands has never been more fun and writing your own music has never been easier!

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It’s small size makes the ukulele the perfect instrument to take along with you wherever you may go.

Girls love ’em. Guys love ’em. Kids love ’em. They make awesome gifts too!

Beginners can get a decent ukulele for about $20 and for those wanting a better quality instrument, there are a variety of sweet sounding ukes available to buy in the $50 – 100 price range too. Crafty musicians can even build and paint their own custom uke with a DIY ukulele kit that includes all the parts you need, ready to assemble!

You’ll find the bestselling beginner soprano ukulele brands and models featured here on this page along with personal reviews, photos and videos to help you find the best choice for your first ukulele purchase.

Ukulele Styles & Sizes

A brief introduction to the 4 common ukulele sizes.

Concert (or standard): scale length: 13″ – total length: 21″

Concert: scale length: 15″ – total length: 23″

Tenor: scale length: 17″ – total length: 26″

Baritone: scale length: 19″ – total length: 30″

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Lanikai LU-21c Concert Ukulele Review – Best Uke for Beginners

After being inspired by Amanda Palmer’s carefree attitude and songs accompanied by the ukulele, my husband and I were convinced that a ukulele would perfect for our daughter’s 11th birthday.

She is always making up quirky little songs and likes to strum along on her dad’s guitar, so we set out in search of an affordable ukulele that didn’t look or sound like a cheap toy because, after all, age eleven requires a grown-up gift, of sorts.

Our web wonderings left us a little overwhelmed with a colorful array of tiny stringed instruments priced from twenty dollars all the way up to several hundred.

Oh, the strings, the frets, the assortment of colors and sizes and gears to choose from.

We had about fifty bucks to spend and ended up choosing our ukulele based on customer reviews on Amazon and YouTube.

We decided to buy the Lanikai LU-21 Concert Ukulele on Amazon. The price at the time was $54.32 and the shipping was free. Delivery was prompt and it arrived carefully packaged in perfect condition.

The ukulele came in its own little ukulele shaped cardboard box which now serves nicely as a makeshift case, although it rarely gets put away and usually sits atop her bookshelf where it’s handy if she is inspired to break out in song at a moment’s notice.

The Lanikai LU-21 sounds SWEET and is beautifully made for the price. The wood finish is very pretty too. It’s a gem! She loves it and it’s just so freakin’ cute that EVERYONE wants to play it! If even catch my husband sneaking a turn when no one is looking and he is usually faithful to his small collection of acoustic guitars.

The LU-21 is a small soprano sized ukulele and it weighs just over 14 ounces! It is only about 7 inches wide and 20 inches in length, so you can plink the strings just about anywhere.

Like most of the reviewers warned, this and all new ukuleles can be a little bit tricky to tune for the first week or so until the strings stretch. Luckily, we found a great little clip-on tuner that has made it a snap to get it tuned when my husband isn’t available.

This uke comes with high-quality Aquila Nylgut strings, so there’s no need to upgrade.


If you’re looking for good quality, affordable beginner ukulele, for kids or adults, we highly recommend the Lanikai LU-21 c Concert Ukulele. It’s incredibly fun to play, sounds great and very well made.