Best Romantic Roses For The Girl of Your Life

Romantic Roses For The Girl

It is usually said that flowers are a good indication of romance and love. It can not get better than stating ‘I Love You’ to your lover with an attractive rose bouquet.

For quite some time, the signal of giving flowers is utilized as a powerful tool to convey feelings that words can not.

With the quiet language of adoration, flowers appeal to individuals and leave an everlasting impact on their heart. It could be your marriage, anniversary, or some other special day; you can show your love to your partner with fresh flowers.

Here is the list of romantic roses that you can gift to the girl of your life.

Loving Memory

Romantic Roses For The Girl

Loving memory is a tea rose which was bred in 1981 for the first time. It is a bright red rose with green foliage. The disadvantage with this blossom is that the hard frost can affect it so it can’t grow in the winter regions.

Sympathy Rose

These beautiful red roses from roses in a box can genuinely enhance the flower decoration.

It has large red roses that can blossom to 12 inches. It generally blooms in June up to summer.

It has lengthy stems, making it a stunning climber that can grow up to 10 feet.

It has a fantastic smell, which is why it is extensively used in perfumery industry.

It has horns making it a bad option for flower arrangement.

Pest and diseases can easily affect it; thereby, it requires care.

Darcey Rose

Darcey is a profoundly acclaimed rose and is accepted to be truly outstanding and the most beneficial roses that have been produced till now.

The beautiful red rose opens to show the petals present in the bud. It keeps on opening up until a lovely group of gold stamens at the core of the rose shows out.

When young, the outer petals structure an ideal ring around an inward cup to shape a perfect rose.

Darcey Rose is the most beautiful red color in the bud and opens to a raspberry red color and after that creates rich purple tone in the end. The flower has a light fruity fragrance.

Samourai Rose

Samourai is a huge red rose with velvet surface and semi-matte green foliage covered with leaves. The oval buds open up to a giant flower.

It is without horns making it ideal for flower cut designs. It has a mild aroma. The flower is not easily affected by disease and pest.

Kashmir Rose

Kashmir Rose is a soft, velvety red flower. The delicate petals of this Kashmir Rose develop to a fantastic rich breed tea sprout. The foliage of this rose is also velvety with small leaves. It requires minimum maintenance and care.

Morden Ruby

Morden Ruby is an excellent Parkland series rose that stays active throughout the summer. The color of this rose is deep pink and ruby red. It grows in a small group with shiny green foliage. Morden Ruby is the best option for gardening.

Chrysler Imperial Rose

Chrysler Imperial is one of the most beautiful looking roses. It has huge light red buds that open to an excellent profound, smooth petaled flower.

According to, the leaves of this rose are dark green, while the stem is without a thorn. It makes it more likely to be liked by the person receiving it.

This dull green rose has a great smell. The rose keeps active from late spring to fall. It is a long-lasting rose and makes a brilliant-cut flower.

Double Knock Out Rose

Double Knock Out Rose is a vibrant, twofold red rose. The color of this rose is vibrant red but fades to reddish-orange by fall. The leaves are bright green. The flower has exceptional protection from dark spots.

You have to feed them once per month, and they will be safe for that period. It has a strong fragrance.


Blaze does not require extensive care and remains active through the year.

The flower grows in a group, comprising of 25 petals. It is bright red. The foliage is light green with a leather-like texture. The rose indeed covers the whole bush and resembles a blaze of color.

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