20 Most Popular Songs With the Name Elaine in the Title, Ranked

Are you looking for a list of the most popular songs with the name Elaine in the title? At EmiliaM.com, we have compiled a fantastic collection of songs that reference this beloved name.

These are the Most Popular Songs With the Name Elaine in the Title. They feature the name Elaine, evoke powerful emotions and tell captivating stories.

1. “Come on Elaine” by Rob Frazier

“Come on Elaine” by Rob Frazier is a heartwarming song about encouragement and support.

The lyrics tell the story of a person named Elaine who is going through a tough time and needs someone to believe in her.

The chorus, “Come on, Elaine, you can do it. Take my hand, and we’ll get through it,” reminds us that in our darkest moments, someone always believes in us and will help us overcome our struggles.

2. “Sweet Elaine” by Marshall Tucker Band

“Sweet Elaine” by Marshall Tucker Band is a heartfelt and soulful ode to a woman named Elaine.

The song beautifully captures the essence of love and longing as the singer expresses his feelings for Elaine through heartwarming lyrics and melodic guitar riffs.

The song expresses admiration for Elaine with lines such as “You’re my everything, babe” and “I want you near me every day.”

3. “Elaine” by ABBA

“Elaine” by ABBA is a beautiful and heartfelt song that tells the story of a love lost and the pain that comes with it.

The lyrics speak of longing for someone who is no longer there, describing them as an angel who has flown away.

This song reminds us that even though we may have moved on, our memories still hold on to moments spent with that special someone.

4. “My Friend Elaine” by Sally Fingerett

“My Friend Elaine” is a beautiful song by Sally Fingerett that celebrates the special bond between two friends.

The lyrics capture the essence of a deep and cherished friendship, as Elaine is described as someone who brings laughter and light into life.

This song is a heartwarming tribute to the power of true friendship, filled with memories and inside jokes that only two close friends can share.

The song’s tone is intimate and friendly, making the listener feel part of this wonderful friendship.

5. “Elaine on the Brain” by Squirtgun

“Elaine on the Brain” by Squirtgun is a catchy punk rock anthem that tells the story of a person who can’t seem to get their crush, Elaine, out of their head.

This song captures the feeling of being infatuated with someone and having them constantly in mind.

Through fast-paced guitar riffs and energetic vocals, this song portrays the all-consuming nature of having a crush and how it can take over your thoughts.

6. “Elaine, Harry and Mama” by Mighty Sparrow

“Elaine, Harry and Mama” is a powerful and heartwarming song by the Mighty Sparrow that captures the essence of family love and resilience.

The song tells the story of three individuals – Elaine, Harry, and Mama – who have faced their fair share of struggles and hardships in life.

Despite their difficult circumstances, they find solace and strength in each other’s love and support.

7. “Poor Elaine” by Kipper Jones

“Poor Elaine” by Kipper Jones is a heartfelt ballad that tells the story of a young woman named Elaine who is struggling to make ends meet and find her place in the world.

The song emphasizes the challenges those living in poverty face, highlighting their daily struggles and the unfair circumstances they often face.

8. “Coca*ne Elaine” by Isis

“Coca*ne Elaine” by Isis is a captivating song that delves into the story of a woman named Elaine.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of her journey, starting from the initial euphoria and confidence that the drug brings to the downward spiral of addiction and its devastating effects on her life.

The haunting vocals and intense instrumentals create an atmosphere that perfectly captures the chaos.

9. “Elaine’s Song” by Oh-OK

“Elaine’s Song” by Oh-OK is a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to a dear friend. The song captures the deep bond of friendship and the memories that remain even after someone has passed away.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of Elaine, describing her as someone who was always there to lend a listening ear and offer support without judgment.

Through its upbeat melody and nostalgic lyrics, the song reminds us to value those special connections in our lives that bring us joy and comfort.

10. “Prayer for Elaine” by Marmoset

“Prayer for Elaine” by Marmoset is a heartfelt song that touches upon the pain of a loved one’s suffering and the hope for their recovery.

The lyrics beautifully describe the emotions of helplessness and desperation and the power of prayer to provide strength and comfort during difficult times.

This song conveys a message of love and support towards someone dear to us who may be going through a tough time.

11. “Miss Elaine” by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

“Miss Elaine” by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is a funky and upbeat song that tells the story of a mysterious woman named Elaine.

Through lively guitar riffs and catchy lyrics, the song portrays Elaine as an alluring figure who captivates everyone she meets.

12. “Dear Elaine” by Roy Wood

“Dear Elaine” is a heartfelt song by Roy Wood that expresses deep emotions and feelings towards a loved one named Elaine.

The song begins with a slow, melodic tune that sets a calm and soothing tone as the artist addresses Elaine directly with fondness and affection.

Throughout the song, Roy Wood pours out his heart through lyrics full of love and admiration, describing Elaine as his “sunshine on a rainy day” and expressing how she makes him feel alive.

13. “Elaine’s Lullaby” by Shorty Rogers

“Elaine’s Lullaby” by Shorty Rogers is a soothing and heartfelt instrumental piece that embodies a mother’s pure and unconditional love for her child.

The light and delicate melody, accompanied by the soft piano sound, creates a sense of warmth and tenderness that captures the essence of a mother singing her baby to sleep.

14. “Story of Elaine” by Jazzamor

The song “Story of Elaine” by Jazzamor is a beautiful and poignant piece that captures the journey of a woman named Elaine.

Through its haunting melody and soothing vocals, the song tells the story of Elaine’s struggles and triumphs in life.

The lyrics touch upon love, loss, and resilience as we follow Elaine’s path to healing and self-discovery.

15. “Blue Eyed Elaine” by Ernest Tubb

“Blue Eyed Elaine” is a classic country song by renowned artist Ernest Tubb that tells the tale of a man’s unrequited love for a woman with beautiful blue eyes.

The song captures the heartbreak and longing of someone who has fallen for someone they cannot have.

Through earnest lyrics and Ernest Tubb’s soulful voice, we can feel the protagonist’s pain as he yearns for his beloved Elaine, whose stunning blue eyes are both his delight and his despair.

16. “Sorry Elaine” by T’ Bell

“Sorry Elaine” by T’ Bell is a heartfelt ballad about the struggles and regrets of a relationship.

The song captures the remorse and sorrow that often accompany a breakup through its soulful melody and touching lyrics.

“Sorry, Elaine” reminds us to cherish and value our loved ones while we still have them, as it may be too late once they’re gone.

17. “Hurricane Elaine” by Ian McNabb

“Hurricane Elaine” by Ian McNabb is a powerful song that tells the story of a destructive hurricane and its aftermath.

The lyrics vividly portray the devastation caused by the storm, with lines like “She tore through town like a raging beast, leaving destruction in her wake.”

The haunting melody and raw vocals convey the intense emotions felt by those affected by Hurricane Elaine. However, amidst the chaos and destruction, there is also a message of hope, as seen in lines such as “The sun will rise again tomorrow.”

18. “Miss Elaine” by Run DMC

“Miss Elaine” by Run DMC is an upbeat and catchy song about a woman named Elaine.

The song is filled with clever wordplay and rhymes, describing Miss Elaine’s confident demeanor, fashion sense, and ability to captivate those around her.

It also highlights her strong personality and independence, making her stand out from other women.

Through this song, Run DMC praises Miss Elaine for being a one-of-a-kind woman who exudes charm and grace wherever she goes.

19. “Elaine’s Addiction” by Marcella Detroit

“Elaine’s Addiction” is a powerful and emotive song by Marcella Detroit that delves into the complexities of addiction.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of Elaine, a woman consumed by her addiction to alcohol, as she struggles to break free from its grasp.

Through haunting vocals and poignant melodies, the song captures the rawness and desperation felt by those battling with addiction.

20. “Joyce Elaine” by TONY CLARKE

“Joyce Elaine” by Tony Clarke is a beautiful love ballad that tells a story of unconditional and everlasting love.

The song speaks about the deep love and affection for a woman named Joyce Elaine. The lyrics are filled with heartfelt emotions and describe the intense bond between two people.

Through its gentle melody and soulful vocals, the song conveys the message of genuine love that knows no bounds.


What does the name Elaine stand for?

The name Elaine is derived from the Greek name Helen, which means “shining light” or “bright one.” This name symbolizes someone who radiates warmth and positivity and brings joy and happiness to those around her.

Elaine is also associated with the legend of King Arthur and his knights, as there was a queen named Elaine. Hence, this name also represents strength, courage, and loyalty.

People named Elaine are often described as charming, charismatic, and compassionate individuals with an innate ability to uplift others with their presence.

They possess great inner strength and resilience, capable of gracefully overcoming challenges.

Overall, the name Elaine embodies qualities that any parent would want for their child – someone who shines bright, like a guiding light in both good times and bad.

What is the personality of the name Elaine?

Elaine is a name with a lot of character and depth. Those who bear this name are often known for their kind and gentle nature, which makes them approachable and friendly to others. They have a warm and inviting personality, which draws people towards them.

Elaine is also highly intuitive, able to easily understand the emotions and needs of those around them. This makes them great listeners and counselors, as they naturally empathize with others.

They are creative souls with a strong imagination and appreciation for beauty in all forms. Elaine values connection in relationships and strives to maintain harmony amongst their loved ones.

Their compassionate nature sometimes leads them to put others’ needs before their own, but they possess inner strength and determination to overcome any obstacles they may face.

The name Elaine is associated with kindness, empathy, creativity, strength, and an unwavering passion for meaningful connections with others.

What does Elaine mean in the Bible?

Elaine does not have a specific meaning in the Bible, as it is not mentioned directly. However, Elaine is derived from the Hebrew name “Helen,” which means “torch” or “light”. Therefore, some scholars believe that Elaine can symbolize a shining light or brightness in one’s life.

Others may interpret it as a representation of someone who brings hope and guidance to others.

Is Elaine an old name?

Elaine is a beautiful and timeless name that has been around for centuries. While it may not be as common as some other names, it still holds a special place in the hearts of many people.

Some may wonder if Elaine is an old name, and the answer is yes, but in the best way possible. Rather than being outdated or forgotten, Elaine carries a sense of sophistication and grace that has withstood the test of time.

Over the years, variations of the name have appeared in different cultures, such as Helen or Ellen in English and Alina in Polish.


Elaine is not only a popular name, but it has also inspired some amazing songs throughout the years.

From heartwarming ballads to upbeat dance tracks, these songs showcase the diverse range of emotions and experiences associated with the name Elaine.

Whether you’re an Elaine yourself or love someone with this beautiful name, these songs will surely strike a chord with you.

We hope this list of Songs With the Name Elaine in the Title has introduced you to new favorites and returned fond memories of old classics.

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