20 Most Popular Songs With the Name Jackson in the Title, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

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1. “Dance Like Michael Jackson” by Far East Movement

“Dance Like Michael Jackson” by Far East Movement is an upbeat and energetic song commemorating the legendary pop icon.

The lyrics are a call to action, urging listeners to let go of their inhibitions and dance like the King of Pop.

It captures the essence of Michael Jackson’s iconic dance moves and encourages everyone to join in and have a good time.

2. “Slow Down Jackson” by Olivia Newton-John

“Slow Down Jackson” is a playful and charming song by Olivia Newton-John that urges the listener to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

With its upbeat melody and catchy chorus, it reminds us that sometimes we need to press pause on our hectic lives and savor the little moments.

The song speaks to living in the present rather than rushing towards the future.

Through her soothing voice, Newton-John encourages “Jackson” (representing all of us) not to rush through life but to appreciate the beauty around us.

3. “Miss Jackson” by Panic at the Disco

“Miss Jackson” by Panic at the Disco is a captivating and emotional song that delves into the idea of an unhealthy and toxic relationship.

The song references deceit, lies, and betrayal, highlighting the effects of such a destructive situation.

It’s a powerful, raw message about recognizing when a relationship is doing more harm than good and having the strength to walk away.

The lyrics are filled with pain and regret but also warn others facing similar situations.

4. “Jackson” by Flatt & Scruggs

“Jackson” by Flatt & Scruggs is a classic bluegrass song about a man who leaves his small town for adventure and a better life in the big city.

The upbeat banjo and guitar melodies create an energetic and lively atmosphere, fitting for a tale of excitement and hope.

Through their masterful storytelling, the duo paints a vivid picture of this man’s journey – his farewell to friends and family, his anticipation of all the opportunities that await hi

5. “Jackson” by Johnny Cash

“Jackson” by Johnny Cash is a classic country song about a couple with a fiery love-hate relationship.

The song captures the essence of passion and tumultuous relationships, with lines like “We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout.”

However, the tune also has an underlying playfulness, as they tease each other with playful insults.

“Jackson” is about two individuals who may not have it all figured out but are willing to face life’s challenges together because they can’t imagine being apart.

6. “Don’t Jackson My Pollock” by The Wyatt Act

“Don’t Jackson My Pollock” by The Wyatt Act is a spirited yet thought-provoking song that illuminates the appropriation of art and its impact on society.

Through clever lyrics and dynamic instrumentation, the band conveys a message against cultural commodification and encourages listeners to appreciate art in its purest form.

The song reminds us not to let consumerism tarnish the authenticity of art and to recognize and honor its true creators.

7. “Jackson Park Express” by Weird Al Yankovic

“Jackson Park Express” by Weird Al Yankovic is a hilarious and satirical song about a man’s obsession with a woman he meets on the Jackson Park Express train.

The lyrics depict the man’s increasingly desperate attempts to impress her, from pretending to be wealthy to lying about being in danger.

The song cleverly pokes fun at societal norms and expectations of dating and relationships, showcasing Yankovic’s trademark wit and humor.

It also serves as a commentary on how people often change themselves to fit into someone else’s idea of perfection.

8. “Ms. Jackson” by OutKast

“Ms. Jackson” by OutKast is a timeless hip-hop hit that remains popular even decades after its release.

The song tells the story of a man trying to apologize and make amends to his ex-lover’s mother, whom he acknowledges as Ms. Jackson.

Through clever wordplay and melodic rap verses, the duo vividly portrays their complicated relationship and the aftermath of their breakup.

Its relatable lyrics about love, regret, and forgiveness have resonated with listeners of all ages and continue to do so today.

Overall, “Ms. Jackson” is a hit song and a cultural phenomenon that has endured.

9. “Jackson Hole” by C.W. McCall

“Jackson Hole” by C.W. McCall is a warm and charming song about a cowboy’s adventures in the picturesque town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The song perfectly captures this mountain town’s laid-back and easy-going atmosphere. It is known for its stunning natural beauty and rich history.

With clever lyrics and catchy melodies, McCall vividly imagines cowboys riding through the magnificent Tetons, camping under starry skies, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life in Jackson Hole.

From dancing at local bars to chasing wild mustangs on horseback, this song celebrates cowboys’ carefree spirit and rugged lifestyle in the American West.

10. “Irma Jackson” by Merle Haggard

“Irma Jackson” is a heartfelt and poignant song written and performed by country music legend Merle Haggard.

This ballad tells the story of a forbidden love between a white man and a Black woman in the 1960s.

The lyrics paint a picture of two people who are deeply in love but must hide their relationship due to societal pressures and racism.

Haggard’s raw and emotional vocals perfectly capture the pain and longing felt by the characters in this story.

He sings about their secret meetings under the moonlight, their struggles with discrimination, and ultimately, their bittersweet goodbye as they realize they can never be together openly.

11. “Michael Jackson” by Mitchell Brothers

“Michael Jackson” by Mitchell Brothers is a tribute song to the legendary King of Pop. The song tells the story of Michael Jackson’s rise to fame and impact on the music industry.

It highlights his incredible talent, captivating performances, and groundbreaking music videos that revolutionized how we view music.

The lyrics depict him as a misunderstood figure who faced constant scrutiny from the media and pressure from fans.

12. “Pretty Boy Jackson (feat. Yung Twix)” by Juicy Syrup

“Pretty Boy Jackson (feat. Yung Twix)” by Juicy Syrup is a lively and catchy hip-hop track celebrating confidence, style, and success.

The song tells the story of two talented artists, Pretty Boy Jackson and Yung Twix, who are proud of their good looks, wealth, and charm.

Through their clever wordplay and smooth flows, they confidently boast about their lavish lifestyle and all the attention they receive from admirers.

The playful lyrics also convey a message about owning one’s uniqueness and embracing self-love.

13. “Jackson” by Lucinda Williams

“Jackson” by Lucinda Williams is a powerful song that delves into the complex emotions of heartbreak and longing.

The haunting lyrics and melancholic melody capture the essence of a lost love and the deep pain it has caused.

The song conveys the depth of vulnerability and rawness of loving someone so deeply, only to have them walk away.

14. “2300 Jackson Street” by The Jacksons

“2300 Jackson Street” is a heartfelt song by the legendary group, The Jacksons, with a special meaning to the band members.

This song was written as a tribute to their childhood home in Gary, Indiana, where they grew up with their loving parents and siblings.

It talks about the nostalgia and fond memories of their humble beginnings and how it shaped them into the talented musicians they became.

15. “Noah Jackson’s House” by Parzival and Solid State Survivors

“Noah Jackson’s House” by Parzival and Solid State Survivors is a groovy, upbeat song about the magic and warmth found in one’s own home.

The lyrics depict Noah Jackson’s house as a place of refuge where one can feel safe and loved.

The infectious melody evokes a sense of nostalgia for simpler times spent with family and friends.

It also reminds us to appreciate the little things in life and to find solace in the comfort of our own homes.

16. “George Jackson” by Steel Pulse

“George Jackson” by Steel Pulse is a powerful and thought-provoking reggae song that pays tribute to the civil rights activist and Black Panther member George Jackson.

The lyrics delve into Jackson’s life and struggles, who became a symbol of resistance against systemic racism and injustice in America.

The song highlights his imprisonment for a petty crime, which then turned into a life sentence due to institutional discrimination.

Steel Pulse uses their signature blend of reggae music to convey the message that despite being behind bars, Jackson’s spirit remained unbroken as he continued fighting for justice until his tragic death.

17. “Jackson” by Craig Finn

“Jackson” by Craig Finn is a beautiful and reflective song exploring the complexities of love and relationships.

The title refers to the city of Jackson, Mississippi, a metaphor for an idyllic place where everything is perfect and love can thrive.

However, through his poignant lyrics, Finn reveals that relationships still face challenges and obstacles, even in this seemingly perfect place.

He sings about his struggles to maintain a lasting connection with his partner despite their differences and flaws.

18. “Jackson Pollock” by Douglas Widick

“Jackson Pollock” by Douglas Widick is a catchy and upbeat tribute to the legendary artist, known for his distinct drip painting style.

With its clever lyrics and energetic music, this song captures the essence of Pollock’s artistic process and rebellious nature.

Through this song, listeners get a glimpse into the life of an iconic figure and a deeper appreciation for Pollock’s intricate mind and artistic vision.

19. “Michael Jackson Is Online” by FreshMoon

“Michael Jackson Is Online” by FreshMoon is a lively and upbeat song that pays tribute to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

The song highlights Jackson’s impact on the music industry and his continued influence even after his passing.

Through catchy lyrics and an infectious beat, the song reminds us of Jackson’s iconic dance moves, unmatched vocal range, and ability to connect with millions of fans worldwide.

It also touches upon how technology has enabled us to continue enjoying Jackson’s music through online platforms.

20. “Jackson Cage” by Bruce Springsteen

“Jackson Cage” is a powerful song by the legendary musician Bruce Springsteen, and it delves into feelings of confinement and imprisonment.

The lyrics revolve around a man trapped in a miserable existence, represented by the metaphorical “Jackson Cage.”

Springsteen’s raspy yet soulful voice brings out the desperation and helplessness of the character.

The song’s use of electric guitar and saxophone adds to its intensity and emotional impact.


What are short names for Jackson?

There are a few common short names for Jackson, which is derived from the English surname meaning “son of Jack.”

One popular option is “Jack,” which retains the original meaning and has a robust and classic feel.

Another option is “Jax,” which adds a modern and slightly edgy twist to the name. For those looking for something more playful or endearing, “Jackie” or “Jaxie” are often used as cute nicknames.

What is the Greek name for Jackson?

The Greek name for Jackson is Τζάκσον, pronounced as “Tzakson.” It is derived from the English name “Jackson” and has a similar meaning: “son of Jack.”

Is Jackson a Viking name?

Jackson is a popular name that has been around for centuries. But many people have wondered if it is a Viking name.

While the word “Jackson” does not originate from Nordic languages, it is still connected to Viking culture.

The name comes from the English and Scottish surname “Jack’s son,” which means the son of Jack.

However, during the Viking Age, Scandinavian people traveled and settled in England and Scotland, bringing their language and culture with them.

It is possible that some Vikings adopted this English surname as their own, making Jackson both an English and potentially a Viking name.

What is the personality of the name Jackson?

Jackson is a name that exudes confidence and strength. It is the combination of two strong elements, “jack,” meaning “son” or “God has been gracious,” and “son,” referring to male offspring.

The personality associated with the name Jackson is one of a natural leader with a magnetic presence and an air of authority.

They are ambitious and driven individuals who are unafraid to take risks to achieve their goals.

Their quick-thinking nature allows them to adapt easily to new situations, making them well-suited for leadership roles.

Jacksons are also known for their outgoing and friendly nature, making friends easily and charming those around them with charisma. However, they can also have a stubborn streak from their strong sense of self-belief.

The name Jackson represents someone confident, determined, and charismatic – qualities that make them stand out in any crowd.


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