Welcome to EmiliaM.com – is a blog for people who strive for a healthy and happy life.

Hi, I’m Emilia.

I’m a mother of two who have interest in so many things which I’ve never had a chance to share and express. Well, I’ve been reading, writing and figuring things out to myself and it was more and more frustrating because I can’t share what I know, what I feel and what I love with anyone.

So, why now I make this blog? The answer is simple, if not now then when?

What do I love and know which you may share the same interest? My family and my kids, of course, and more:

  • I love books/manga/comic, in short, any kinds of storytelling; I’ve never made a book challenge, it changes now. I’m so excited to have a book challenge and so eager to review, pick, discuss books/manga/comic and anything related.
  • I love pets; cat and dog especially, next is fish, bird, and hamster. I haven’t thought about reptiles, maybe someday.
  • Any cute decorating stuffs; like books, I can’t resist when seeing ones; I stuff them all in my house, the kids like that too.
  • Machines which make my favorite food and beverage; coffee, tea and bread to be precise.
  • Other useful things which I’m so picky about.

It’s not all, I also want to share and hope you can join me in all the life story things. Hope that any writing I make can help you in some ways. Let’s share!