20 Most Popular Songs About Ships, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

If you’re a fan of ships and the sea, you may be looking for a list of popular songs about these majestic vessels.

Well, look no further! We’ve covered you with various songs that will transport you to the ocean and make you feel like you’re sailing on the waves.

These Most Popular Songs About ships are catchy and enjoyable to listen to and often tell tales of adventure, love, and hardship at sea.

1. “Ship of Fools” by Robert Plant

“Ship of Fools” by Robert Plant is a hauntingly beautiful song that explores the theme of human nature and our tendency to repeat our mistakes.

The song vividly depicts a ship sailing toward its inevitable demise, symbolizing the foolishness and ignorance that often lead us astray.

The song’s use of metaphors and allegories adds depth to its meaning, allowing listeners to interpret it in their way.

2. “The Last Ship” by Sting

“The Last Ship” is a powerful and poignant song by renowned musician Sting.

It tells the story of a once-thriving shipbuilding community that has fallen on hard times due to the decline of their industry.

The lyrics vividly portray the workers’ pride and resilience as they struggle to keep the last shipyard alive.

3. “Big Ship” by Freddie McGregor

“Big Ship” by Freddie McGregor is a reggae classic that tells the story of perseverance and hope through difficult times.

The metaphor of a big ship represents our ability to overcome challenges and stay afloat in adversity. McGregor’s smooth vocals and uplifting lyrics remind us to remain strong, even when the waters get rough.

The song reminds us to never give up on our dreams and keep sailing towards our goals, no matter how big they seem.

4. “Cruel Ship’s Captain” by Bryan Ferry

“Cruel Ship’s Captain” by Bryan Ferry is a sad yet hauntingly beautiful song that delves into the complex emotions of love and loss.

The lyrics depict a captain who seems to be in control at sea but is helpless regarding matters of the heart.

The maritime imagery adds depth to the story, as the captain’s ship becomes a metaphor for his relationship.

5. “Ship to Shore” by Chris de Burgh

“Ship to Shore” by Chris de Burgh is a touching and poignant song about a sailor who longs for his loved one at sea.

The lyrics beautifully describe the sailor’s emotions, from missing his partner’s touch to dreaming of reuniting with them again.

The song’s use of nautical imagery adds to its charm. It captures the essence of a sailor’s life and how difficult it can be to leave their significant other behind.

6. “Brandy You’re a Fine Girl” by Looking Glass

“Brandy You’re a Fine Girl” by Looking Glass is an iconic 1972 pop-rock song that tells the story of a woman named Brandy, a bartender at a seaport.

The lyrics describe her beauty and charm, with lines such as “the prettiest girl you ever did see” and her popularity among the sailors who come to her bar.

7. “Barrett’s Privateers” by Stan Rogers

“Barrett’s Privateers” is a folk song written and performed by Canadian musician Stan Rogers.

The song tells the story of a young fisherman who is tricked into becoming a pirate and is sent off to war on board the ship “Antelope.”

The catchy tune and vivid lyrics paint a picture of life on board a private ship, where sailors are forced to fight for a cause they do not believe in.

8. “Ships” by Barry Manilow

“Ships” by Barry Manilow is a powerful and emotional song that tells the story of a person looking back on their life and reflecting on all the different ships they have taken throughout their journey.

It reminds us to cherish every moment and experience, whether good or bad because they all shape who we are.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the highs and lows of life, from “ships that sail away,” leaving us with memories, to “ships that pass in the night,” reminding us of missed opportunities.

9. “If I Had a Boat” by Lyle Lovett

“If I Had a Boat” is a charming and whimsical song by Texan singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett.

The song tells the story of a daydream where the narrator imagines himself sailing away on a boat with his loved one, leaving all their worries behind.

It is filled with vivid imagery and playful lyrics that depict an idyllic life on the sea.

10. “Boats To Build” by Alan Jackson

“Boats To Build” by Alan Jackson is a song that speaks to the human desire for connection and purpose.

The lyrics depict a person who longs for a simple life, building boats by the river and watching them sail away.

This song beautifully captures the idea that we all have dreams and aspirations, big or small, that keep us moving forward and give our lives meaning.

11. “Come Sail Away” by Styx

“Come Sail Away” by Styx is a classic rock anthem that takes listeners through physical and emotional realms.

The song’s lyrics depict a yearning for adventure, as the narrator longs to leave behind the mundane aspects of everyday life and set sail toward the unknown.

This desire for escape is complemented by the upbeat melody and soaring vocals, creating an irresistible urge to join this exhilarating adventure.

12. “Big Boat” by Peter Paul & Mary

“Big Boat” by Peter Paul & Mary is a folk song that conveys a powerful message about the dangers of greed and materialism.

The lyrics depict the story of a man who builds a big boat to impress others and gain their admiration.

However, as he becomes consumed by his desire for more, he forgets the simple joys in life and loses touch with his humanity.

13. “Boat Drinks” by Jimmy Buffet

“Boat Drinks” by Jimmy Buffet is a popular song that transports listeners to a laid-back, tropical paradise.

With its catchy tune and clever lyrics, the song talks about escaping from the monotony of everyday life and finding solace in a drink on a boat.

It encourages listeners to let go of their worries and responsibilities and enjoy well-deserved relaxation.

14. “Boats” by Kenny Cheney

“Boats” by Kenny Cheney is a heartfelt and soulful song that tells the story of life’s journey through the metaphor of a boat.

The song speaks to the ups and downs, joys and struggles, and the ultimate destination of our lives, much like a boat navigating through rough waters to reach its final port.

The song reminds us to appreciate every moment and find solace in the company of loved ones during tough times.

15. “Ghost Ship” by Blur

The famous song “Ghost Ship” by Blur tells the story of a person who feels lost and disconnected from the world around them.

The lyrics paint a picture of someone struggling to find their place in society, longing for a sense of purpose and belonging.

The haunting melody and melancholic tone emphasize the feeling of isolation and desperation in the song.

16. “The Wreck of the Edmond Fitzerald” by Gordon Lightfoot

“The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” is a powerful and haunting ballad written and performed by Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot.

The lyrics vividly describe the stormy weather and treacherous conditions that led to the ship’s demise, as well as the bravery and dedication of its crew.

17. “Dreamboat Annie” by Heart

“Dreamboat Annie” is a classic rock song by the American band Heart, released in 1976.

The song is about a young woman named Annie who dreams of finding true love and embarking on an adventure with her dreamboat, someone who will sweep her off her feet and take her away from her small-town life.

The song speaks to the universal desire for love, freedom, and chasing our dreams, making it relatable to listeners of all ages.

18. “Sea Cruise” by Frankie Ford

“Sea Cruise” by Frankie Ford is a classic song that captures the spirit of youthful fun and adventure.

The upbeat tempo and catchy chorus make it impossible not to sing along. But beyond its lively melodies, the song also has a deeper meaning about letting go of your problems and enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

It talks about leaving your worries behind and embarking on a carefree journey, where the sea is your playground, and the horizon is your only destination.

19. “The Crystal Ship” by the Doors

“The Crystal Ship” is a hauntingly beautiful song by the iconic band The Doors. It portrays the struggles and emotions of losing someone you love.

It talks about the pain of saying goodbye and the longing for that person to return, represented by the metaphor of a crystal ship sailing away.

20. “Rock The Boat” by Hues Corporation

“Rock The Boat” by Hues Corporation is a classic disco song that has endured and continues to be a party anthem.

The upbeat rhythm, catchy lyrics, and soulful vocals make it impossible not to dance along.

The lyrics urge listeners to let go of their fears and worries and, instead, rock the boat by trying something new or stepping out of their comfort zone.


What are some interesting facts about ships?

Ships are fascinating vehicles used for centuries for travel, trade, and exploration. Here are 5 interesting facts about ships that you may not know!

  • Firstly, did you know that the largest ship in the world is an oil tanker called the Seawise Giant? It measures a whopping 1,504 feet long and could hold over 4 million barrels of oil.
  • Secondly, ancient Egyptians used wooden ships as early as 4000 BC to trade on the Nile River.
  • Fast-forward to modern times, and we have cruise ships that offer luxurious amenities such as swimming pools, movie theaters, and even ice skating rinks onboard!
  • Another intriguing fact is that Viking ships could travel up to 15 knots using only their sails and oars.
  • Finally, ships played a significant role in World War II, with over 6,000 Allied merchant vessels being sunk by enemy attacks.

Who invented ships?

Ships have been around for centuries, playing a crucial role in the history of human civilization. But who exactly can we credit for inventing these magnificent vessels?

While it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact individual or moment in time, we know that the concept of ships has evolved over time and across different cultures.

The first recorded boats were built by ancient Egyptians around 4000 BC, but it wasn’t until later civilizations like the Greeks and Romans that larger and more sophisticated ships were created.

However, during the Middle Ages, major advancements were made in shipbuilding techniques, thanks to innovations such as the keel and sternpost rudder.

These developments allowed for exploration and trade across vast seas and oceans, paving the way for modern-day ships.

So, while there may not have been one specific ship inventor, we can acknowledge the countless individuals throughout history who contributed to their evolution into what we know today.

Why are ships called ships?

Well, the word “ship” comes from the Old English word “scip”, which means a vessel used for navigation.

Ships have existed for thousands of years and were initially made of natural materials such as wood and reeds.

They were used for fishing, transportation, and exploration purposes. As shipbuilding technology advanced over time, ships became bigger and more sophisticated.

Today, they are essential for international trade and travel. So, the term “ship” has stuck around since ancient times because it accurately describes these incredible vessels that easily conquer the vast seas.

Who invented the biggest ship?

The biggest ship in the world was not invented by one single person but rather by a team of engineers, architects, and shipbuilders.

The record holder for the largest ship is currently held by the oil tanker Seawise Giant, built in 1979 by Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd in Japan. It measured a whopping 1489 feet long and could hold up to 564 million gallons of oil.

However, several massive ships, such as Allure of the Seas and Prelude FLNG, have challenged this title. These impressive vessels required meticulous planning and construction to withstand the immense weight and size.

So, while we may not be able to pinpoint one individual inventor, it is safe to say that it took a collaborative effort to create the biggest ship in the world.

What are some fun facts about cargo ships?

Did you know that cargo ships play a major role in the global economy by transporting goods and raw materials across seas and oceans?

They are an essential part of international trade and have some interesting and fun facts that you probably didn’t know.

  • Firstly, did you know that the largest cargo ship can carry up to 20,000 shipping containers? That’s equivalent to almost 745 million bananas!
  • Secondly, most cargo ships are powered by massive engines that can produce as much power as 1000 cars combined. Talk about being energy efficient!
  • Thirdly, these massive vessels consume around 63 gallons of fuel per mile, making them one of the most fuel-efficient modes of transportation.
  • Also, did you know that the first recorded use of a container ship was during the mid-18th century when British merchants started using wooden crates to transport their goods?
  • Lastly, despite their size and weight, cargo ships are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and heavy storms.


We hope this list of popular songs about ships has taken you on a musical voyage through the seas.

From classic ballads to modern hits, these songs beautifully capture the nautical tales of love, adventure, and longing.

So next time you’re feeling the call of the sea hit play on one of these tunes and let yourself be swept away by their captivating melodies.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, and happy listening!

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