20 Most Popular Songs With the Name Charlie, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Are you searching for an exhaustive list of the most Popular Songs With the Name Charlie? We have compiled a diverse collection of songs, all featuring the name Charlie in their title.

1. “Clap Hands! Here Comes Charlie” by Lester Young

“Clap Hands! Here Comes Charlie” is a lively and jazz-infused song by talented musician Lester Young.

It is an upbeat tribute to his fellow saxophonist, Charlie Parker, who was known for his iconic and innovative playing style.

The song captures the excitement and energy of the Jazz Age with its swinging rhythm and catchy melody.

Through his smooth and effortless saxophone playing, Lester Young celebrates Charlie Parker’s contribution to jazz music.

2. “Charlie Sheen” by Chamillionaire

“Charlie Sheen” by Chamillionaire is a song that pays tribute to the iconic actor and his infamous reputation.

Through clever wordplay and catchy beats, the artist reflects on the larger-than-life personality of Charlie Sheen and how it has influenced pop culture.

The track also illuminates the ups and downs of Sheen’s successful acting career, from his breakthrough role in Platoon to his highly publicized personal struggles.

3. “Cosmic Charlie” by Grateful Dead

“Cosmic Charlie” is a lively and uplifting song by the iconic American rock band Grateful Dead. The song is a tribute to a man named Charlie, often called “Cosmic Charlie.”

It captures the essence of his free-spirited nature and tells how he effortlessly navigates life’s ups and downs.

4. “Charlie’s Shoes” by Eddy Arnold

“Charlie’s Shoes” is a classic country song performed by Eddy Arnold that tells the story of a man named Charlie who leaves behind his family and old life in pursuit of something new.

With its heartfelt vocals and relatable message, “Charlie’s Shoes” reminds us to cherish our roots and embrace new opportunities.

5. “Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo” by Bloodhound Gang

“Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo” is a catchy and playful song by the American alternative rock band Bloodhound Gang.

It is known for using military terminology in its title and lyrics, which adds a unique twist to the song’s upbeat and humorous tone.

The phrase “foxtrot uniform Charlie Kilo” conveys an explicit message, but the band cleverly uses it as code words throughout the song.

The lyrics contain witty wordplay and innuendos, making it entertaining and clever.

6. “Charlie Don’t Surf” by The Clash

“Charlie Don’t Surf” by The Clash is a thought-provoking song that portrays the futility of war and the dehumanization of soldiers.

The lyrics of the song convey a robust anti-war message and highlight how soldiers are trained to kill without questioning orders, ultimately losing their own identity in the process.

7. “Good Time Charlie” by Memphis Slim, Buddy Guy

“Good Time Charlie” is a classic blues song written by Memphis Slim and popularized by Buddy Guy.

The lyrics of this iconic track tell the story of a man named Charlie who loves to have a good time regardless of consequences.

He spends his days drinking and partying with no regard for the future or responsibilities.

The song captures Charlie’s carefree attitude and reckless behavior through clever metaphors and vivid imagery.

It also reflects on how fleeting moments of pleasure can sometimes lead to long-term pain and regret.

8. “Charlie and Betty” by Lorrie Morgan

“Charlie and Betty” by Lorrie Morgan is a heart-wrenching country song about two young lovers whose relationship has hit a rough patch.

The lyrics explore the struggles and emotions of Charlie and Betty as they try to navigate through their troubles.

Through her powerful vocals, Lorrie paints a vivid picture of their love, from its sweet beginnings to its current state of turmoil.

The song’s meaning is relatable and emotional, as it captures the ups and downs of any relationship.

9. “Charlie Brown” by Coldplay

“Charlie Brown” is an upbeat and catchy song by British band Coldplay, released in 2011.

The lyrics tell the story of a young person who feels lost and trapped in their own life but ultimately finds comfort in the nostalgic memories of their childhood, represented by the character of Charlie Brown from the beloved comic strip Peanuts.

10. “Swing Mister Charlie” by Bob Crosby and His Orchestra

“Swing Mister Charlie” is a lively and infectious song by Bob Crosby and His Orchestra that captures the essence of swing music in the 1930s.

The song’s title refers to “Charlie,” a nickname for Adolf Hitler, making it a clever commentary on the political climate at the time.

11. “Charlie” by Red Hot Chili Peppers

“Charlie” by Red Hot Chili Peppers is an uplifting and energetic song perfectly encapsulates the band’s signature sound.

As soon as the funky bass line kicks in, you can’t help but tap your feet and bob your head to the rhythm.  The catchy chorus, sung with soulful harmonies, will surely get stuck in your head for days.

12. “Charlie Lay Down the Gun” by Waylon Jennings

“Charlie Lay Down the Gun” by Waylon Jennings is a powerful and moving song that tells the story of a man named Charlie who has been living a life of violence.

It paints a vivid picture of Charlie’s past struggles through his lyrics. The song speaks about one individual’s journey and carries a universal message about the power of forgiveness.

13. “Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues” by Elvis Presley

“Good Time Charlie’s Got the Blues” is a classic song by the legendary Elvis Presley that tells the story of a man named Charlie who seems always down on his luck.

The song captures Charlie’s melancholy and despair as he reflects on all the missed opportunities and mistakes he has made in life.

14. “Charlies Watching” by Toy Dolls

“Charlies Watching” is a 1983 song by the British punk rock band Toy Dolls that tells the story of a young boy named Charlie who spends his days watching TV and becomes obsessed with fictional characters.

The song’s lyrics delve into the dangers of becoming too engrossed in media and losing touch with reality as Charlie starts to believe that he is living inside his favorite shows.

15. “Charlie Mack (1st Out of the Limo)” by Will Smith

“Charlie Mack (1st Out of the Limo)” by Will Smith is a feel-good hip-hop song that celebrates success and the journey towards it.

The title refers to Charlie Mack, portrayed as the epitome of coolness and achievement.

But beyond showcasing material possessions, the song also highlights the hard work and dedication required to achieve that point.

It’s a reminder always to stay humble and grateful for success but also revel in it and enjoy life’s luxuries.

16. “Goodbye, Charlie” by Bobby Darin

“Goodbye, Charlie” is a poignant song written and recorded by the legendary American singer Bobby Darin.

Released in 1960, this emotionally charged ballad tells the story of a man saying goodbye to his friend, Charlie, who has passed away.

The lyrics are simple yet profoundly moving, evoking feelings of loss and nostalgia as the singer reminisces about their memories together.

17. “Charlie Dunn” by Jerry Jeff Walker

“Charlie Dunn” is a moving and heartfelt song written by country singer-songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker.

In it, the narrator reflects on the life of Charlie Dunn, a simple and hardworking farmer.

The lyrics vividly portray Charlie’s humble life, with lines such as “He never owned much, but he had his land; the sun would rise and set in his calloused hands.”

Through these words, Walker beautifully captures the essence of a man who found contentment in simplicity and hard work.

18. “Charlie’s Medicine” by Warren Zevon

“Charlie’s Medicine” is a poignant and heartfelt song written by the iconic singer-songwriter Warren Zevon.

Zevon uses his signature storytelling style to vividly describe Charlie’s downward spiral, painting a picture of the desperation and despair that come with substance abuse.

The lyrics are raw and honest, serving as a reminder of the harsh realities faced by those battling addiction.

19. “Charlie Monroe” by Suicidal Tendencies

“Charlie Monroe” is a powerful and thought-provoking song by the American punk metal band Suicidal Tendencies.

The lyrics of this song tell the story of a troubled and misunderstood character named Charlie Monroe, who struggles with his inner demons and society’s expectations.

Through Charlie’s struggles, the song illuminates important issues such as mental health, social stigmas, and the pressure to conform.


Is Charlie a cute boy name?

Yes. In my opinion, Charlie is definitely a cute boy name! It has a charming and playful feel to it, making it stand out from other traditional names.

Plus, it is a versatile name that can fit boys of all ages, from toddler to teenage years. The sound of the name is light and endearing, giving off a friendly and approachable vibe.

Additionally, many famous and well-loved Charlies have existed throughout history, adding to its appeal and cuteness factor.

What does the name Charlie represent?

The name Charlie is popular with many parents due to its timeless and endearing qualities.

It’s a masculine name associated with kindness, playfulness, and charisma. The name has Germanic roots and means “free man,” reflecting Charlie’s independent nature perfectly.

Moreover, it conjures up images of a happy-go-lucky person with a contagious smile and an outgoing personality.

People named Charlie are known for their warm and welcoming demeanor, making them easy to approach and befriend.

They also have a strong sense of adventure and are always ready to try new things, making them great companions for exciting experiences.

The name Charlie represents someone lively, friendly, and full of positive energy – truly an embodiment of all things fun!

What does the name Charlie mean personality?

The name Charlie is often associated with a friendly and outgoing personality.

People with this name tend to be friendly, charismatic, and charming individuals who can easily connect with others.

They can naturally put people at ease and make them feel comfortable in their presence.

Charlies are also known for their adventurous spirit and love for excitement, making them great companions for trying new things or going on spontaneous adventures.

With their energetic nature, they are always up for a good time and can bring positive energy to any situation.

However, they also value loyalty and honesty in relationships, showing strong empathy towards those they care about.

The name Charlie carries a warm and approachable persona that makes it easy for others to trust and confide in them.

Is Charlie a beautiful name?

Yes. In my personal opinion, Charlie is a beautiful name. Not only is it short and easy to remember, but it also has a certain charm and appeal.

It’s a versatile name that can work for both boys and girls, making it even more unique.

The name Charlie has been around for centuries and has stood the test of time, proving its beauty and popularity.

It also carries a sense of warmth and approachability, as if the person with this name is someone you can instantly connect with.

From celebrities to beloved fictional characters, we have seen how the name Charlie adds a touch of sweetness and character to its bearer.

Overall, Charlie is undeniably a beautiful name that exudes positivity and leaves a lasting impression on anyone who hears it.

What is the best nickname for Charlie?

If you were to ask me what Charlie’s best nickname is, I would say that it ultimately depends on personal preference.

However, some popular options include Chuck, Chaz, or Char. These nicknames all have a friendly and approachable feel and are easy to say and remember.

Additionally, they maintain the essence of the name Charlie while adding a unique touch. Another idea is to use his full name as a nickname and call him Charles or Charley.


We hope this list of songs named Charlie has returned some fond memories. Whether you’re a classic rock or modern pop fan, there’s something for everyone on this list.

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