20 Most Popular Songs About Storms of All Time, Ranked, Youtube Lyrics

Songs about storms and hurricanes have been popular in music for decades.

These Most Popular Songs About Storms of All Time capture the intense emotions and powerful forces of nature that come with storms.

From heavy rain and thunder to strong winds and lightning, storms evoke a range of feelings in people that artists often try to convey through their music.

1. “Riders on the Storm” by The Doors

“Riders on the Storm” by The Doors is a classic rock song that delves into isolation and danger themes.

The haunting melody and Jim Morrison’s captivating vocals draw listeners in as they embark on an alluring yet treacherous journey through the storm.

2. “Storm Warning” by Bonnie Raitt

“Storm Warning” by Bonnie Raitt is a powerful song about the aftermath of a storm in a relationship.

With her soulful voice and bluesy sound, Raitt captures the raw emotions of someone who can feel a storm brewing within their relationship.

The song reminds us that sometimes, despite our best efforts, relationships can still fall apart like a storm, tearing through everything in its path.

3. “Storm Front” by Billy Joel

“Storm Front” by Billy Joel is a captivating and thought-provoking song that delves into the tumultuous emotion of a violent storm.

Throughout the song, Joel uses powerful and vivid imagery to describe the physical destruction caused by a storm and its impact on our inner selves.

The haunting lyrics and Joel’s signature piano melodies create an intense atmosphere that captures the listener’s attention from beginning to end.

4. “Storms” by Fleetwood Mac

“Storms” by Fleetwood Mac is a heartfelt and emotional song that beautifully captures the pain and turmoil of a troubled relationship.

It delves deep into the complexities of love, with hauntingly beautiful lyrics like “Every night that goes between/I feel a little less/As you slowly go away from me.”

The melody, composed mainly of acoustic guitar and piano, adds to the song’s melancholy tone.

Stevie Nicks’ powerful vocals convey the longing and heartache in every word, while Christine McVie’s backing vocals add an ethereal touch.

5. “Storms in Africa” by Enya

“Storms in Africa” by Enya is a beautiful song that tells the story of a person’s longing for their home and loved ones while being torn away by raging storms.

The song speaks of the harshness of nature and how it can separate people from their homes and loved ones, leaving them feeling lost and vulnerable.

However, there is also a sense of hope in the lyrics as the person finds solace in thinking about their homeland and finding peace amidst the storms.

6. “Stormbringer” by Deep Purple

“Stormbringer” by Deep Purple is a powerful and energetic rock song that tells the story of a forceful and chaotic love.

The lyrics describe a wild, electric, passionate, thrilling, and dangerous relationship.

The Stormbringer symbolizes this tumultuous love that sweeps in like a storm, unleashing its raw power.

7. “Electrical Storm” by U2

“Electrical Storm” is a powerful and evocative song by the iconic Irish rock band U2.

Released in 2002, the song is about love’s turbulent and unpredictable nature, referencing literal electrical and emotional storms within relationships.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of intense passion, as lead singer Bono sings of being “blown apart” and “lost at sea” during this stormy love affair.

8. “Stormy Monday Blues” by Manfred Mann

“Stormy Monday Blues” by Manfred Mann is a classic blues song that delves into the depths of heartache and despair.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of a person feeling lost and lonely on a stormy Monday, a day that is typically associated with dread and melancholy.

The sad melody captures the essence of the lyrics, adding to the song’s overall mood.

9. “In From the Storm” by Jimi Hendrix

“In From the Storm” by Jimi Hendrix is a powerful and soulful song that captures the essence of love, perseverance, and hope in adversity.

In this song, Hendrix sings about a woman who has been through many storms but continues to fight against them with strength and determination.

He uses poetic lyrics and his iconic guitar skills to paint a picture of someone who has struggled but still holds onto love as their guiding light.

10. “Rainy Days & Stormy Nights” by Billie Jo Spears

“Rainy Days & Stormy Nights” by Billie Jo Spears is a heartfelt country song that captures the essence of difficult times in life.

The lyrics beautifully narrate the struggles of facing gloomy weather and overcoming challenging storms.

The song paints a vivid picture of these tough days and nights, reminding us how they can make us feel lonely and lost.

11. “Calm Inside The Storm” by Cyndi Lauper

“Calm Inside The Storm” by Cyndi Lauper is a beautiful and heartfelt song that delves into the idea of finding peace and strength during difficult times.

Lauper’s soothing voice takes us on a journey through turbulent emotions as she sings about not letting the chaos of life consume us.

She encourages listeners to remain steadfast and resilient, even during a storm.

12. “Storm is Rising” by Little Axe

“Storm is Rising” by Little Axe is a powerful song that captures the essence of impending danger and chaos.

The lyrics speak of a coming storm that cannot be stopped, symbolizing life’s unpredictable and uncontrollable nature.

The song evokes foreboding through its stirring bluesy melody and haunting vocals, urging listeners to brace themselves for what’s to come.

13. “Stormy Weather” by Grace Knight

“Stormy Weather” by Grace Knight is a soulful and sad song about the ups and downs of life and relationships.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of stormy weather, both literally and figuratively, representing the turmoil and struggles that one faces in their journey.

Through her hauntingly beautiful voice, Knight conveys the message of hope and resilience, urging listeners to hold on during difficult times.

14. “Shelter From The Storm” by Bob Dylan

“Shelter From The Storm” by Bob Dylan is a heartfelt and emotional song that depicts the struggles of a brokenhearted individual searching for solace and comfort from the harsh realities of life.

The song tells a story of seeking shelter from the storm of heartache, loss, and loneliness.

The song’s protagonist finds himself battered and bruised by love but still holding onto hope for something better.

15. “Storm” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

“Storm” by Lynyrd Skynyrd is a powerful and dynamic song that tells the story of a man who has lost everything in a storm.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of destruction and chaos as the singer mourns the loss of his belongings, his home, and even his loved ones.

With every verse, we feel despair, anger, and sadness as he grapples with the harsh reality of being left with nothing.

16. “Stormy Weather” by The Spaniels

“Stormy Weather” by The Spaniels is a timeless classic that tells the story of heartache and longing through powerful lyrics and soulful melodies.

The song beautifully captures a person’s emotions going through a storm in their relationship, where love seems to be fading away.

This legendary doo-wop group’s smooth harmonies and haunting vocal delivery evoke a sense of melancholy and nostalgia.

17. “Stormy” by Santana

“Stormy” by Santana is a dynamic and powerful song that tells the story of a tumultuous relationship.

With its signature Latin rock sound, Santana delivers an electrifying performance that perfectly captures the intensity and emotion of a stormy relationship.

The lyrics depict the highs and lows, the love and pain, and the push and pull between two people who can’t seem to find stability in their love.

18. “Ridin’ the Storm Out” by REO Speedwagon

“Ridin’ the Storm Out” by REO Speedwagon is a powerful and iconic song that perfectly captures the emotions of enduring difficult times.

The lyrics tell a story of perseverance and staying strong in the face of a storm, whether a literal storm or a metaphor for life’s challenges.

The band’s passionate vocals and electrifying guitar riffs create an intense energy that makes you want to sing along and feel empowered.

19. “The Storm” by Jim Steinman

“The Storm” by Jim Steinman is a powerful and emotional song about a tumultuous love affair.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of two lovers constantly caught in a stormy relationship, unable to escape their passionate but destructive bond.

The song captures the intense feelings of love, desire, and pain, as well as the raw vulnerability that comes with it.


What are the 5 facts about storm?

Storms are powerful and unpredictable forces of nature. They can bring heavy rain, strong winds, lightning, thunder, and even cause destruction.

Here are five interesting facts about storms that you may not know.

First, storms are often classified based on their wind speed. Hurricanes have the strongest winds, followed by tornadoes and cyclones.

Second, despite their destructive nature, storms play an essential role in our ecosystems by replenishing water supply, nourishing soil, and even helping with seed dispersal for plants.

Third, lightning is common during storms, and it strikes the Earth about 100 times every second!

Fourth, storm chasing has become a popular activity for some extreme weather enthusiasts who chase after severe storms to document them up close.

Lastly, advanced technology such as radar systems and satellites have greatly improved our ability to predict when and where storms will occur. However, they remain unpredictable at times, and preparing for their potential impacts is essential.

How long do storms last?

Storms can vary greatly in their duration and intensity, making it difficult to pinpoint an exact answer for how long they last.

Some storms, such as thunderstorms and rainstorms, can pass through an area within minutes or hours.

However, other storms, like hurricanes or typhoons, can last for days or weeks.

The intensity and strength of a storm also play a significant role in its duration. Severe storms with high winds and heavy rains last longer than milder ones.

Additionally, the location and movement of a storm can affect its length, as some may dissipate quickly while others can sustain themselves over long distances.

What is the main cause of storms?

Storms are a natural occurrence that can bring heavy winds, rain, thunder, and lightning.

The main cause of storms is the difference in air temperature between two areas. When warm and cold air masses meet, the warm air rises and tries to move over the cold air.

This creates instability in the atmosphere and causes strong winds to form. As the warm air continues to rise, it cools down and condenses into clouds, leading to precipitation.

In addition to this temperature difference, other factors such as humidity levels, wind direction, and physical geography can also contribute to storm formation.

Is it safe to sleep during a thunderstorm?

Many people wonder whether it is safe to sleep during a thunderstorm. The short answer is yes. It is generally safe to sleep during a thunderstorm.

However, there are some precautions you can take to ensure your safety.

Firstly, unplug any electronics and appliances in your room, as lightning strikes can cause power surges.

Secondly, avoid sleeping near windows and doors as they can be potential areas for lightning strikes. If possible, stay in a central room away from these openings.

Additionally, planning where to seek shelter in an emergency is crucial.

If you live in an area prone to severe thunderstorms or tornadoes, consider investing in a weather radio that will alert you if there is a weather-related danger.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to stay calm and not let fear prevent you from getting quality rest during a stormy night.

How fast do most storms move?

Storms can move at varying speeds depending on factors like wind patterns, atmospheric conditions, and the type of storm.

However, most storms tend to move at an average speed of 20-30 miles per hour.

This may seem slow compared to other natural phenomena, but it is quite a feat considering storms’ immense scale and power.

In addition, some storms, such as hurricanes or typhoons, can travel much faster, reaching up to 70 miles per hour.

On the other hand, thunderstorms and tornadoes are known for their quick and unpredictable movements that reach over 60 miles per hour.


We hope this list of songs about storms has taken you through all the different emotions and experiences that come with these powerful natural events.

Each song captures a unique perspective on storms, from feelings of fear and destruction to resilience and beauty.

We can find comfort, inspiration, and understanding through music in even the most turbulent moments.

So, next time you find yourself during a storm, don’t forget to turn up the volume and let these songs with “storm” in the title guide you through. Stay safe out there!

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